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Let’s clear something up that will hopefully help you understand the when and why of and for..of before we dive into any examples.

In JavaScript, we have something called iterables. It’s simply a data structure that allows you to access a collection of data sequentially. When we go over that data one by one, its called iteration.

Iterables are arrays and strings, as they are collections that have an order.

Under the hood, JavaScript has given a method to these iterables called Symbol.iterator. This is all built in and is what allows arrays and strings to be iterables without having to do anything to make them so.

Great, now that you know what an iterable is, we can get to the core of this post.

Used to loop through properties on an object.
Let’s take a look at the syntax and then dive into an example.

for (variable in object) {...}

The variable (you can name this anything you’d like) is assigned to the current object key in the loop.

The second half is the name of the actual object you want to loop through.

let car = {
  make: 'Nissan',
  model: 'Skyline'

for (let property in car) {

// Output --> make model

Above, we only retrieved the keys of the object. To retrieve the value, we have to do the following

for (let property in car) {

//Output --> Nissan Skyline


Used to loop over iterable values (cannot be used on objects). The syntax follows the same convention as aside from changing “in” to “of”.

const people = ['Ashley', 'Mark', 'Jen', 'Devin']

for (const name of people) {

// Output -->

// Ashley
// Mark
// Jen
// Devin

It’s easy to get confused when attempting to figure out which one to use. To be fair, I confuse the two all the time.

Hopefully this reference helps: - Loops over enumerable properties. Use it when you want to loop over objects
For..of - Loops over iterable collections. Use it when you want to loop over iterables such as:
  • strings
  • map
  • array
  • TypedArray
  • set
  • generator

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